Optimize spend across the portfolio.

Increase EBITDA with the profit-leverage effect.


Mature and sophisticated procurement practices applied to IT Services and Solutions can drive significant value to the business.


Leveraging an external party that specializes in the buying of IT Services & Solutions is an effective and efficient way to source the technologies across the portfolio.


Implement best practices without the overhead to achieve EBITDA margin improvements at scale.

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Subject matter experts in the sourcing of technology, Resourcive provides it's clients with the confidence that they are buying in a way that aligns with their business goals and delivers value to company.



Whether it is spend reduction, technology transformation, growth enablement or another high priority of the business, Resourcive is a trusted partner in the mid-market and enterprise to deliver on value creation initiatives via Strategic IT Sourcing.



Resourcive partners with the leading Private Equity firms to help drive value creation during the hold cycle. As the exclusive Strategic IT Sourcing partner for many of the top PE firms, Resourcive understands and meets the demands of both the PE sponsors and the portfolio company leadership teams.



Resourcive is ranked by Special Operations veterans and IT veterans that provide a level of professionalism and commitment to our clients that consistently yields high ROI and excellent customer experience.


Our technical expertise covers a wide range of technologies. Leverage Resourcive when you have any of the following workstreams on your roadmap.



Whether you're looking for colocation, private/public colud, disaster recovery, backup, laaS, VDI or desktop as a service, Resourcive can help.



Improve network performance and reduce spending with Resourcive's market leading network consulting services.



Transition to cloud-based voice solutions that empower collaboration, analytics, performance and satisfaction.



Meet your customers where they are, when they're there, and the way they prefer with CCaaS technology.



Understand your current security posture, build business cases for investment into cyber, and leverage top-tier SOCs with industry leading MDR services.



Optimize your mobility spend, offload management of devices, leverage high-bandwidth 5G and 4G LTE connectivity to run your business.


See what sets us apart from the rest


Our decade-plus Private Equity experience gives us the ability to move at the speed of PE and deliver results. Every single time.


Get more out of your sourcing projects than ever before. No one does strategic IT sourcing like Resourcive, so we've trademarked it and have patents pending.


Ranked with former Special Operations Forces US Military veterans, alongside seasoned IT Operators, Resourcive excels in complex and chaotic environments providing strategic and tactical support to your team.


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Resourcive has delivered for me. They’ve delivered for me in terms of cost savings, in terms of efficiency gains, consolidation of telephony providers to make our world easier to manage, all the while being in lock step with the market.


I know when I talk to Resourcive that I am receiving up to the moment information – and that's very meaningful. And with the relationships and the experience that Resourcive resources have in the marketplace, it comes to bear each and every time. It has been a fantastic relationship for our businesses.


Dom DiMascia - CIO of Unified Door & Hardware Group



The Resourcive team delivered beyond expectation for [client]. They helped to consolidate and replace outdated technology with an aggressive eye toward schedules. In addition to their tenacious management of external vendors, they were able to offer alternatives to legacy tools. Timing was impeccable as the implementation engaged with the onset of the COVID lockdowns. [Client] was prepared for the remote workforce and transitioned smoothly.


Vice President of IT - $400m Manufacturing Company



The relationship with Resourcive has been very productive and positive thus far. They have helped us identify several areas in our telecom procurement process that will allows us to streamline and organize the process. They have also organized our telecom spend in a simple to read and manageable format and are helping to reduce our overall spend on new and existing locations. Lastly, they have also introduced us to a new solution to improve and support our SD-WAN and firewall solution.


Vice President of IT - $500m Healthcare company



Managing our RFP process and finding the right CCaaS vendor was so easy with Resourcive. They listened to our needs, were very thorough, worked quickly and found us the perfect vendor at a great rate. The entire team was amazing to work with and was instrumental in enhancing more efficient collaboration and communication between our IT and Operations teams; I will definitely be working with them again in the future!


Senior Vice President, Operations - HealthTech company



Resourcive came to us by way of our sister company. We entered into conversations, frankly, with only modest expectations. After describing our voice and data infrastructure and sharing some estimated cost data, we heard they could help us with both costs and network modernization. It was apparent from the start they were highly organized, and possessed considerable expertise both technically and strategically. Six months later we’re now realizing the benefits of their efforts…, and they are significant. Great partner and very effective people to work with. Strongly recommended.


Vice President of Business Information Systems - $500m Manufacturing Company



Don't take our word for it. Listen, read, or watch our customers speak to the power of our work.


Private equity mergers and acquisitions are a big part of finance and investment today. This process involves the combination of two companies into one, ultimately maximizing their overall value and growth potential. The collaboration between the two parties is facilitated mainly by private equity funds, which provide the necessary capital to initiate the merger or acquisition. 

A private equity fund is an investment vehicle that amasses capital from various investors, such as institutional investors and wealthy individuals, to acquire ownership stakes in established companies. These funds are typically managed by private equity firms with profound expertise in identifying lucrative investment opportunities and implementing strategic business decisions. These funds serve as catalysts for corporate deals that foster significant value creation for both parties involved in mergers and acquisitions. 

The term mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refers to transactions where two or more companies consolidate to form a single entity. Mergers typically involve combining businesses of equal stature, while acquisitions involve one company purchasing another to expand its operations or increase market share. These transactions can be friendly or hostile depending on the circumstances and attitudes of the parties involved. Numerous reasons underpin M&A activities, including cost reduction through economies of scale, diversification of product offerings, increased market presence, and enhancement of shareholder value. Private equity encompasses a broad spectrum of finance-related topics. The term primarily refers to investments made directly into privately held companies by specialized firms or funds. The primary private equity meaning is to acquire controlling stakes or strategic minority positions in target businesses with exceptional growth prospects. Private equity firms seek out undervalued companies or those facing operational challenges requiring an infusion of financial resources and managerial expertise for revitalization purposes. 

Through active involvement in portfolio companies' management structures, private equity firms implement strategies to improve operational efficiency, drive innovation, increase profitability, and enhance shareholder returns. Information technology (IT) has witnessed a steady influx of Mergers And Acquisitions transactions in recent years. IT mergers and acquisitions concern the consolidation of technology companies, with the primary objectives being to obtain advanced technologies, expand product portfolios, and capitalize on synergies stemming from shared resources. This trend has been spurred by rapid technological advancements, market convergence, evolving consumer preferences, and increased competition for market dominance. IT mergers and acquisitions have numerous benefits for both acquirers and target firms. For instance, acquiring companies can access highly skilled human capital and cutting-edge technologies that may otherwise be inaccessible through organic growth strategies. Furthermore, mergers enable firms to consolidate their market positions by eliminating competitors or gaining a foothold in untapped markets. 

On the other hand, acquired companies may benefit from economies of scale resulting from shared resources or improved financial stability provided by larger parent organizations. In conclusion, private equity mergers and acquisitions are essential in shaping the global corporate landscape by facilitating strategic business partnerships that foster mutual growth and value creation. With assistance from private equity funds managed by specialized firms, these transactions enable companies to pool resources, share expertise, eliminate redundancies, and streamline their operations to achieve long-term success. The pervasiveness of M&A activities across various industries underscores its importance for fostering synergistic collaborations to amplify operational efficiency and overall business performance.


Challenges and Considerations in Private Equity Mergers and Acquisitions

 Private equity mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a unique segment of the broader M&A market. While traditional corporate mergers and acquisitions focus on long-term strategic objectives, private equity transactions are primarily driven by the pursuit of short-term financial returns. Consequently, these deals present distinct challenges and considerations for practitioners. 

One crucial aspect that requires attention during private equity M&A deals is developing a robust mergers And acquisition IT Integration plan. Integrating disparate IT systems can be a significant hurdle with any merger or acquisition. However, in private equity transactions, the pressure to achieve swift operational efficiency often necessitates aggressive timelines for integration completion. If not executed properly, this accelerated pace can increase costs, potential security breaches, or even system failures. To mitigate these risks, dealmakers should begin planning for IT integration early in the transaction process and engage experienced resources to guide their efforts. Another critical component of private equity transactions is sourcing quality investment opportunities—or "private equity sourcing." 

With growing competition in the market, firms must work diligently to identify attractive targets that align with their investment strategy while also offering a compelling risk-adjusted return potential. Many private equity groups increasingly use technology-enabled approaches such as data analytics or artificial intelligence tools to enhance their sourcing efforts. Regardless of the tactics employed, maintaining solid relationships throughout the industry—such as with management teams, intermediaries, or other stakeholders—can be essential in keeping the deal flow consistent. 

When it comes to IT considerations for mergers and acquisitions within private equity settings, one must account for various factors beyond merely combining existing systems. Deal participants should assess how IT infrastructure investments may spur additional value-creation opportunities through cost savings or revenue enhancements. Moreover, careful attention should be paid to regulatory compliance requirements that could impact an acquired company's technology environment (e.g., data privacy laws). As private equity firms typically operate with a longer-term perspective, they should ensure that IT systems can adapt to ongoing changes in the business landscape or support potential divestitures down the line. 

Private equity strategies evolve as practitioners seek new methods to drive returns in an increasingly competitive environment. Innovative tactics such as sector specialization, operational improvements, or impact investing have emerged as popular approaches for private equity groups seeking to differentiate themselves from their peers. While each firm's specific strategy may vary, deal teams must remain mindful of their chosen approach while pursuing M&A opportunities. Lastly, private equity procurement practices can be instrumental in maximizing post-deal synergies and driving value creation. Private equity-owned companies can achieve significant cost savings by streamlining the supply chain and securing favorable pricing agreements with key vendors. Therefore, deal participants must understand the target company's procurement processes and evaluate opportunities for improvement during due diligence. 

The challenges and considerations in private equity mergers and acquisitions extend far beyond traditional corporate transactions. By focusing on various aspects like IT integration plans, sourcing strategies, technology investments, strategic approaches, and procurement efficiencies—deal makers can increase their chances of success in this dynamic market segment.


Private Equity Merger And Acquisition Services

Private equity merger and acquisition services are essential to the ever-evolving business landscape. These services help companies grow by providing the necessary resources and expertise to identify, evaluate, and execute successful mergers and acquisitions. With an increasing number of firms seeking growth through strategic partnerships, private equity firms are uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses across various sectors.

One industry that has witnessed a surge in M&A activity is the IT solution services sector. IT solution services encompass a wide range of offerings aimed at helping businesses improve their operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay competitive in today's digital age. As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, companies must adapt swiftly or risk being left behind. Private equity consulting is crucial in ensuring companies can navigate this complex landscape by offering strategic guidance on making the right technology investments, optimizing existing systems, and implementing new technologies effectively. Seamless integration post-transaction is essential to any successful private equity merger or acquisition. 

Merger & acquisition integration services ensure that acquired companies can be combined efficiently with minimal disruption to existing operations. These services cover everything from aligning corporate cultures to integrating IT systems – critical factors for maximizing shareholder value. Technology plays a pivotal role in driving value creation for private equity firms. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and platforms across various facets of their portfolio companies' operations, these entities can unlock substantial value through improved efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and accelerated growth. This process often begins with conducting comprehensive due diligence on potential targets – identifying areas where technology can be used to streamline operations or uncover untapped revenue streams. Once a deal has been finalized, M&A Technology Integration becomes central to achieving the desired synergies between the two organizations. This process involves merging disparate IT systems into one cohesive infrastructure that supports communication and collaboration across teams while minimizing redundancies and inefficiencies. 

Private equity merger & acquisition integration services go beyond technology integration to encompass cultural, financial, and operational alignment. These services aim to create a unified organization with shared goals, values, and processes – setting the stage for long-term success. Private equity merger and acquisition services span several distinct offerings tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in various industries. From IT solution services that help companies stay on top of emerging technologies to M&A Technology Integration that ensures seamless post-transaction integration, private equity firms play an instrumental role in fostering growth and innovation across the corporate world. In summary, private equity merger and acquisition services are increasingly critical for companies seeking growth through strategic partnerships. By leveraging their extensive knowledge of IT solution services and offering tailored guidance, private equity firms can assist organizations in navigating the complex business landscape successfully. 

On top of that, merger & acquisition Integration services provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring seamless post-transaction integration – laying the groundwork for long-term value creation. Third-party services help execute successful integration strategies. To learn more about Resourcive and our IT mergers and acquisition services, get in touch with us today.






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