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Resourcive helps private equity partners increase valuation across their portfolio by functioning as an extension to portfolio company management teams bridging the gap between Finance, Procurement and IT. We start by deeply understanding what your portfolio company is solving for and work with them to apply the world’s leading technologies. Our multi-solution expertise means that your companies will be able to drive the best business outcomes faster and more efficiently across applications, data and security.



As an account team, you all are more disciplined than most that I’ve come across. Your work showing how future IT delivery models will increasingly depend on well architected and optimized networks is particularly impactful. I think your role as a knowledgeable, vendor agnostic, “no cost” partner in this space can provide a lot of value to our PortCos.

- Director, Private Equity Firm


100 Day Plan

The first 100 days post acquisition is important for all PE firms and their new assets. Resourcive has designed a plan to  discover and create an IT Service procurement roadmap to maximize efficiencies and create spend reduction. PE firms deploy Resourcive to aggregate preacquisition diligence, conduct C-Level interviews and provide full IT Service visibility  and a plan to execute day 101 and beyond.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Resourcive provides critical post M&A support to enable companies to integrate telecommunications, cloud, and IT networks in a timely manner. Our high-level partnership consultative methodology ensures that the solution design for an organization’s current environment accounts for future M&A plans as well.

Newly Placed CIOs

Resourcive is a no-cost resource and augment to your newly placed CIO and team. Taking the difficult and time-consuming work of telecommunications, cloud, security, and IT network solution design, procurement and implementation off the CIOs plate enables him/her to focus on the strategy and business needs of the company.

Holistic Engagement

The most common type of Resourcive engagement with portfolio companies is a Holistic Engagement, which does the following:

  • Broad Scope for all encompassing review
  • Great fit for clients that lack visibility
  • Identify savings and optimization opportunity
  • Gain full visibility into all spend, services and contract statuses

Initiative Driven

An Initiative Driven with Resourcive engagement has a narrow/focused scope, is typically Shorter Project Duration, and Tied to Desired Business Outcomes.

Project Examples include:

  • Migrating from On-Prem PBX to Cloud
  • Updating WAN Architecture to SD-WAN
  • Moving Data Center/Colo

Carve Outs

Carve-out environments present their own unique challenges for Executives and IT Teams. Resourcive provides structure and support in IT Services so leaders can focus on business drivers:

  • End to End support of identified workstreams
  • Design through Implementation and stand up support
  • Allocate resources to augment resource constricted team
  • Provide continuity in rapidly changing environment