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Resourcive serves PE to create value via spend reduction, technology optimization, and transformative IT solutions; increasing EBITDA.

Operations groups deploy Resourcive throughout the portfolio to baseline their portco IT spend, run procurement projects, and be an advisory resource for management teams. 

Deal teams use Resourcive to identify and create value, relieve portco bandwidth constraints, and accelerate time to impact on investment.

Procurement leads leverage Resourcive to identify opportunities in IT services and solutions.

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Don't get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

As companies grow, IT Procurement becomes more difficult due to multiple stakeholders: Finance, IT, Procurement

Resourcive speaks all three languages and lives in these shipping lanes everyday.

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As an account team, you all are more disciplined than most that I’ve come across. Your work showing how future IT delivery models will increasingly depend on well architected and optimized networks is particularly impactful. I think your role as a knowledgeable, vendor agnostic, “no cost” partner in this space can provide a lot of value to our PortCos.

-Director, Top 5 PE Firm AUM

The Resourcive team delivered beyond expectation for [client]. They helped to consolidate and replace outdated technology with an aggressive eye toward schedules. In addition to their tenacious management of external vendors, they were able to offer alternatives to legacy tools. Timing was impeccable as the implementation engaged with the onset of the COVID lockdowns. [Client] was prepared for the remote workforce and transitioned smoothly.

- VP of IT at portfolio company

I am the Chief Information Officer for [client], a premier travel retailer headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We utilized Resourcive to fully capture the complete list of both phone and data connections that we were paying for with an eye to reduce monthly costs and improve services. Resourcive has a well-developed approach to catalogue and assess options for circuits. Their efforts allowed us to cancel several unused circuits and reduce our overall spend significantly.

- CIO at portfolio company