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The RaaP breaks down how new technologies are being deployed to solve for business problems, and ultimately drive businesses forward.

Our featured guests include business leaders, industry thought leaders, Private Equity Operating Partners, vendor executives, and more.

If you are looking to better understand the business case for new technology adoption and procurement, learn about where opportunities exist to increase EBITDA, or how Resourcive specifically brings value to its private equity partners and clients, give The RaaP a listen.

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EPISODE #52 May 22, 2023

Episode #52: Strategies for Successful M&A Integrations w/Jack Ryan, Infrastructure Director at Diverzify

In this episode, Nick and Kyle chat with Jack Ryan, Infrastructure Director at Diverzify. Amidst an aggressive M&A growth plan, Jack shares his key priorities when integrating new acquisitions.

RaaP Episode Art_Jack Ryan Diverzify
EPISODE #51 May 22, 2023

Episode #51: Primary Considerations in Healthcare Right Now for IT w/ Chad Wray, VP of IT at Paragon Health

 In this episode, Nick and Kyle sit down with Chad Wray, VP of IT at Paragon Health. Chris breaks down his Top 3 areas of focus right now: Intake of referrals, data, and connectivity & costs.

EPISODE #50 May 1, 2023

Episode #50: Tammy Knies, Head of Vendor Management and Procurement at Live Oak Bank

In this episode, Nick and Kyle are joined by Tammy Knies, Head of Vendor Management and Procurement at Live Oak Bank. They discuss the fundamentals of building a mature procurement practice, nuances in IT/technology procurement, and the opportunity that exists in creating value for the enterprise in these areas.

EPISODE #49 April 17, 2023

Episode #49: Brian Greenberg, Partner, CIO/CTO

In this episode, Nick and Adrian are joined by Brian Greenberg of Fortium Partners. They discuss the ins and outs of fractional technology leadership, how Brian prioritizes when starting a new engagement, and what the most common challenges are he's seeing at companies today both operationally and in the realm of security.

EPISODE #48 January 16, 2023

Episode #48: Ben Corll, CISO Americas at Zscaler

Adrian Tilston does a Security Takeover of The RaaP and is joined by Ben Corll, CISO Americas at Zscaler. Their discussion focuses on how security leaders should think about presenting security information to a board of directors, building credibility as a leader, and overall a little about risk and how you present it.

EPISODE #47 January 16, 2023

Episode #47: Sarah Richardson, CIO of Tivity Health

In this episode, Nick and Kyle are joined by Sarah Richardson, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Tivity Health. It's a great conversation focused on leadership in the context of technology and transformation.

EPISODE #46 January 16, 2023

Episode #46: muji of HHHYPERGROTH

In this episode, Nick and Kyle are joined by muji, the investment research blogger covering the technologies powering today's hypergrowth stories including many of the companies Resourcive partners with to deliver cutting edge technology to its clients.

EPISODE #45 December 29, 2022

Episode #45: Tom Gesky, CEO of Resourcive

In this episode, Nick and Kyle are joined by Tom Gesky, CEO and Chairman of Resourcive. The guys take a trip down memory lane and discuss some of the seminal moments in Resourcive's history and how they've shaped who Resourcive is today as the leading strategic IT sourcing consultancies.

EPISODE #44 December 20, 2022

Episode #44: Spend Reduction

In this episode, Nick and Kyle discuss the ground swell of attention and focus on near-term expense reduction initiatives in response to growing market uncertainty, inflationary pressures, and renewed focus on budgets.

EPISODE #43 September 12, 2022

Episode #43: Security Series - James Morrison, National Security Specialist at Intelisys

In this episode, Nick and Kyle welcome James Morrison former FBI Cyber and Computer Scientist. The guys cover a wide range of topics centered around how Resourcive is approaching cybersecurity challenges in the current environment with our customers.

EPISODE #42 September 12, 2022

Episode #42: Security Series -Stephen Semmelroth, Sr. Director of Security at AVANT Communications.

In this episode, Nick Creasey and Kyle Hall welcome fellow veteran Stephen Semmelroth. The guys spend some time talking about the nuances of technology and security in the DoD before exploring how the parallels and differences present lessons and opportunity for the private sector and cybersecurity industry at large.

EPISODE #41 August 15, 2022

Episode #41: Cloud Series -Jeff DeVerter, CTO of Product & Services at Rackspace

In this episode, the guys discuss how the cloud is re-inventing business' relationship with IT, how it is changing the role of IT within organizations, and ultimately how it is delivering meaningful business outcomes to companies large and small.

EPISODE #40: August 1, 2022

Episode #40: Partner Series - Mike Welsh, Chief Value Officer at Net(net)

In this episode, the guys discuss the new Resourcive x Net(net) partnership, where Net(net) fits into the market, and how their addressing significant buckets of IT spend for their clients and private equity partners.

EPISODE #39: June 13, 2022

Security Series: Eldon Sprickerhoff, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer and Tia Hopkins, Field CTO & Chief Cyber Risk Strategist at eSentire

This episode is a recording of our recent webinar Kyle hosted with eSentire. They talk trends and current state of cybersecurity, how companies should be thinking about protecting themselves, and budget rationalization for security spend.

EPISODE #38: May 9, 2022

SME Series - Service Delivery w/Kyle Gotzman, Director of Client Services at Resourcive

In this episode, we discuss the thorny topic of technology service delivery and implementation. Kyle and Nick are joined by Kyle Gotzman, Director of Client Services at Resourcive to share the good, the bad, and the ugly; but also where Resourcive is able to alleviate pain points and create value for clients with the expertise and experience that goes along with hundreds of engagements.

EPISODE #37: March 28, 2022

Episode #37: Burke Autrey
CEO of Fortium Partners

In this episode, the guys discuss with Burke the importance of experienced technology leaders in the execution of strategic business goals and how Fortium Partners' model of Technology Leadership as a Service is filling a void in today's executive labor market.

EPISODE #36: March 21, 2022

Episode #36: John Zemonek, CEO & Founder of Aligned Technology Group

In this episode, the guys welcome John Zemonek to discuss a programmatic approach to security and the budget rationalization model to make sense of your investment.

EPISODE #35: February 21, 2022

Episode #35: Michael Arnold, Senior Consultant at Resourcive

In this episode, Michael and Kyle discuss the #wireless & #mobility market, the current state of #5G, and how these developments are impacting clients in their current engagements. 

EPISODE #34: February 7, 2022

Episode #34: John Bisack, Founder of Performance Improvement Partners

This episode the guys speak with John Bisack, Founder of a leading IT consultancy, Performance Improvement Partners, about the evolution of consulting in the private equity space - specifically around IT diligence and value creation.

EPISODE #33: January 31, 2022

Episode #33: Max Silber, VP of Mobility & IoT at MetTel

This episode is all about wireless technology and the time sensitivity around transitioning off of legacy POTS technology.

EPISODE #32: January 24, 2022

Episode #32: James Anderson, News Editor at Channel Futures

James Anderson is the News Editor at Channel Futures covering all things channel and technology. The guys discuss the current state of the channel, new developments, and what to look out for in 2022.