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And get the most out of the technology you buy.


Mature and sophisticated procurement practices applied to IT Services and Solutions can drive significant value to the business.


Leveraging an external party that specializes in the buying of IT Services & Solutions is an effective and efficient way to source the technologies across the portfolio.


Implement best practices without the overhead to achieve EBITDA margin improvements at scale.

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Subject matter experts in the sourcing of technology, Resourcive provides it's clients with the confidence that they are buying in a way that aligns with their business goals and delivers value to company.



Whether it is spend reduction, technology transformation, growth enablement or another high priority of the business, Resourcive is a trusted partner in the mid-market and enterprise to deliver on value creation initiatives via Strategic IT Sourcing.



Resourcive partners with the leading Private Equity firms to help drive value creation during the hold cycle. As the exclusive Strategic IT Sourcing partner for many of the top PE firms, Resourcive understands and meets the demands of both the PE sponsors and the portfolio company leadership teams.



Resourcive is ranked by Special Operations veterans and IT veterans that provide a level of professionalism and commitment to our clients that consistently yields high ROI and excellent customer experience.


Our technical expertise covers a wide range of technologies. Leverage Resourcive when you have any of the following workstreams on your roadmap.



Whether you're looking for colocation, private/public colud, disaster recovery, backup, laaS, VDI or desktop as a service, Resourcive can help.



Improve network performance and reduce spending with Resourcive's market leading network consulting services.



Transition to cloud-based voice solutions that empower collaboration, analytics, performance and satisfaction.



Meet your customers where they are, when they're there, and the way they prefer with CCaaS technology.



Understand your current security posture, build business cases for investment into cyber, and leverage top-tier SOCs with industry leading MDR services.



Optimize your mobility spend, offload management of devices, leverage high-bandwidth 5G and 4G LTE connectivity to run your business.


See what sets us apart from the rest


Our decade-plus Private Equity experience gives us the ability to move at the speed of PE and deliver results. Every single time.


Get more out of your sourcing projects than ever before. No one does strategic IT sourcing like Resourcive, so we've trademarked it and have patents pending.


Ranked with former Special Operations Forces US Military veterans, alongside seasoned IT Operators, Resourcive excels in complex and chaotic environments providing strategic and tactical support to your team.


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Resourcive has delivered for me. They’ve delivered for me in terms of cost savings, in terms of efficiency gains, consolidation of telephony providers to make our world easier to manage, all the while being in lock step with the market.


I know when I talk to Resourcive that I am receiving up to the moment information – and that's very meaningful. And with the relationships and the experience that Resourcive resources have in the marketplace, it comes to bear each and every time. It has been a fantastic relationship for our businesses.


Dom DiMascia - CIO of Unified Door & Hardware Group



The Resourcive team delivered beyond expectation for [client]. They helped to consolidate and replace outdated technology with an aggressive eye toward schedules. In addition to their tenacious management of external vendors, they were able to offer alternatives to legacy tools. Timing was impeccable as the implementation engaged with the onset of the COVID lockdowns. [Client] was prepared for the remote workforce and transitioned smoothly.


Vice President of IT - $400m Manufacturing Company



The relationship with Resourcive has been very productive and positive thus far. They have helped us identify several areas in our telecom procurement process that will allows us to streamline and organize the process. They have also organized our telecom spend in a simple to read and manageable format and are helping to reduce our overall spend on new and existing locations. Lastly, they have also introduced us to a new solution to improve and support our SD-WAN and firewall solution.


Vice President of IT - $500m Healthcare company



Managing our RFP process and finding the right CCaaS vendor was so easy with Resourcive. They listened to our needs, were very thorough, worked quickly and found us the perfect vendor at a great rate. The entire team was amazing to work with and was instrumental in enhancing more efficient collaboration and communication between our IT and Operations teams; I will definitely be working with them again in the future!


Senior Vice President, Operations - HealthTech company



Resourcive came to us by way of our sister company. We entered into conversations, frankly, with only modest expectations. After describing our voice and data infrastructure and sharing some estimated cost data, we heard they could help us with both costs and network modernization. It was apparent from the start they were highly organized, and possessed considerable expertise both technically and strategically. Six months later we’re now realizing the benefits of their efforts…, and they are significant. Great partner and very effective people to work with. Strongly recommended.


Vice President of Business Information Systems - $500m Manufacturing Company



Don't take our word for it. Listen, read, or watch our customers speak to the power of our work.



As a business, streamlining operations and improving efficiency is always the goal. And with the right supportive technology, it’s possible to achieve this goal. 

Information technology (IT) procurement support is an essential function that helps businesses and organizations achieve their strategic goals by providing guidance, management, and expertise in the acquisition of IT products and services. This process includes a wide range of activities such as identifying needs, negotiating with suppliers, managing contracts, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

In today's technologically advanced world, it’s crucial for companies to have access to reliable IT procurement support services in order to stay competitive, maintain operational efficiency, and drive innovation. 

Procurement support plays a significant role in the overall success of an organization's IT strategy. By assisting in the identification of suitable vendors, analyzing costs, and streamlining processes, procurement professionals ensure that IT departments are equipped with the necessary tools to meet their objectives. 

Effective procurement support can lead to:

   *  Cost savings through better negotiated contracts 
   *  Enabling businesses to leverage existing relationships with suppliers
   *  A more seamless integration of new technologies


Managed IT support takes this concept a step further by offering organizations comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of their technology infrastructure. This type of service typically includes:

   *  Monitoring and maintenance of systems, hardware and software upgrades,
   *  Data backup and recovery solutions
   *  Cybersecurity measures

By outsourcing these responsibilities to managed IT support providers, companies can focus on their core competencies while benefiting from expert advice and assistance when it comes to implementing new technologies or troubleshooting existing issues. 

IT procurement goes beyond simply purchasing hardware or software; it involves understanding the organization's needs and aligning them with available technology solutions. Strategic IT support ensures that businesses are able to make informed decisions regarding their technological investments by providing thorough assessments of potential risks and benefits tied to various options. It also aids in identifying opportunities for improvement within current systems or processes while keeping an eye on emerging trends that could impact future operations. It’s a powerful, hard-to-miss tool that is essential for most of today’s companies.

Companies must consider the importance of obtaining high-quality IT procurement support services if they wish to remain competitive in today's digital landscape. This will enable them to:

   - Acquire the right technology solutions
   - Maintain optimal operational efficiency
   - Tap into valuable industry expertise
   - Access a more comprehensive approach that allows organizations to outsource key aspects of their technology management responsibilities without compromising on quality or security. 
   - Make well-informed decisions regarding their technology investments by considering factors such as risk assessment, potential benefits, and alignment with overall organizational goals. 

By investing in these services and fostering strong relationships with trusted providers, companies can greatly enhance their technological capabilities while setting themselves up for long-term success in an increasingly complex and fast-paced digital environment.



IT Procurement Process

The IT procurement process is a crucial aspect of managing an organization's information technology infrastructure, as it involves the acquisition of hardware, software, and services to support business operations. The key objectives of this process include:

   * Reducing costs
   * Achieving better value for money
   * Ensuring the reliability and quality of products and services procured
   * Fostering strategic partnerships with vendors

To achieve these goals, organizations need to develop effective procurement strategies that encompass various components such as vendor management, vendor selection, procurement process cycle, vendor negotiation and IT procurement best practices. 

An important element of an IT procurement strategy is efficient vendor management. This entails establishing clear procedures for evaluating potential suppliers based on specific criteria such as:

   * Technical expertise
   * Financial stability
   * Customer service level agreements (SLAs)
   * Past performance

Effective communication channels should be established between the organization and its vendors to facilitate the exchange of essential information throughout the relationship. Moreover, performance metrics should be put in place to monitor the quality of products or services delivered by each supplier regularly. 

Vendor selection goes hand-in-hand with proper vendor management in streamlining the IT procurement process. It involves identifying potential suppliers who can meet the organization's requirements in terms of product specifications or service levels at a competitive price point.

Organizations should have a well-defined set of evaluation criteria to assess potential vendors objectively and compare their offerings systematically. Inviting multiple suppliers to submit proposals or bids through a formal request-for-proposal (RFP) process can help identify suitable partners for long-term collaboration. 

The Procurement Process Cycle plays an essential role in implementing effective procurement strategies within an organization. This cycle encompasses several stages:

   -  Identifying organizational needs and defining specifications
   -  Selecting appropriate sourcing methods
   -  Evaluating proposals submitted by potential suppliers
   -  Negotiating contract terms with chosen vendors
   -  Executing contracts; monitoring supplier performance through regular assessments
   -  Taking corrective actions if required
   -  Handling disputes or conflicts that may arise during execution
   -  Closing out contracts once they are complete or terminated. 

Vendor negotiation is another integral part of the IT procurement process, enabling organizations to secure favorable terms and conditions. This aspect involves discussing various aspects of a potential contract with suppliers, including pricing, delivery timelines, warranties, SLAs, and other essential factors affecting overall value for money. Establishing a clear understanding of each party's interests and priorities is crucial for arriving at mutually beneficial agreements. 

To ensure optimal outcomes in the IT procurement process, adhering to best practices is essential. Some of these best practices include:

   -  Conducting thorough market research to identify suitable suppliers
   -  Maintaining detailed documentation throughout the procurement cycle
   -  Leveraging e-procurement tools to streamline sourcing activities
   -  Involving cross-functional teams in decision-making processes
   -  Setting realistic expectations about the capabilities and limitations of procured hardware or software
   -  Undertaking regular risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in the IT supply chain.

A well-structured IT procurement process involving effective vendor management, vendor selection techniques, adherence to procurement process cycles and best practices can lead to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for an organization. By adopting appropriate negotiation strategies, organizations can further enhance their ability to secure advantageous contracts with vendors that support their long-term goals and objectives.


IT Procurement Support Services

IT Procurement Support Services is a vital component of every organization's IT strategy, responsible for the acquisition and management of technology assets to maximize value, minimize risk, and optimize resources. It encompasses various activities including:

   *  Vendor selection,
   *  Negotiation
   *  Purchase
   *  Ongoing management of these relationships. 

This complex process requires specialized expertise to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for the organization. 

One core aspect of IT procurement support services is vendor management support. This involves:

   -  Establishing clear expectations
   -  Ensuring compliance with contractual agreements and service level agreements (SLAs)
   -  Fostering mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their technology suppliers. 

Vendor management support helps organizations mitigate risks associated with supplier performance by monitoring key metrics such as on-time delivery rates, product quality, and responsiveness to service requests. 

Another critical aspect of IT procurement support services is IT procurement management. This process involves:

   *  Strategic planning
   *  Risk assessment
   *  Supplier evaluation
   *  Contract negotiation
   *  Order placement
   *  Ongoing performance monitoring to ensure that technology investments align with organizational goals and objectives. 

IT procurement management also includes the implementation of best practices in sourcing strategies to identify cost-saving opportunities while maintaining high-quality standards. 

In addition to these integral components of IT procurement support services is the need for specialized IT procurement services. These include assistance with specific aspects of the acquisition process such as request for proposal (RFP) development, evaluation criteria definition and scoring methodologies creation. As part of this service offering organizations can expect expert guidance on how to draft comprehensive RFPs that elicit detailed responses from potential suppliers enabling informed decision-making on which solutions best meet their needs. 

Procurement Managed Services is another facet related closely to IT procurement support services. These managed services providers offer end-to-end solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of IT procurement activities from strategy development through execution and ongoing management. 

By outsourcing these functions to a dedicated team organizations can benefit from enhanced efficiency streamlined processes access industry-leading expertise in areas such as negotiation tactics regulatory compliance risk mitigation among others. 

IT procurement support services are essential for organizations to effectively navigate the complex landscape of technology acquisition and management. By leveraging specialized expertise in vendor management support, IT Procurement Management, IT Procurement Services, and Procurement Managed Services organizations can achieve optimal results in their technology investments. This multi-faceted approach ensures that all aspects of the procurement process are addressed from start to finish, enabling businesses to derive maximum value from their technology assets while minimizing risk and optimizing resources.


Procurement Strategy Examples

Procurement strategy examples are essential tools for businesses seeking to optimize their procurement processes and streamline operations. These strategies involve meticulous planning, careful evaluation of suppliers and vendors, and the implementation of cost-effective solutions that align with organizational goals and objectives. The success of any procurement strategy relies heavily on the expertise of a well-versed procurement officer who is responsible for overseeing these complex processes. 

One of the core duties and responsibilities of a procurement officer is to develop and implement sound purchasing strategies that ensure the acquisition of high-quality goods and services at competitive prices. This may involve:

   -  Conducting thorough market research
   -  Analyzing industry trends,
   -  Negotiating favorable contracts
   -  Managing supplier relationships to secure the best value for money deals. 

Furthermore, procurement officers are also charged with identifying potential risks within supply chains and implementing appropriate risk mitigation techniques. 

Another responsibility often assigned to procurement officers is devising sustainable practices in line with environmentally responsible purchasing policies. This might include:

   -  Sourcing materials from certified eco-friendly vendors
   -  Promoting waste reduction measures through efficient inventory management
   -  Advocating for energy-efficient technology adoption within organizational operations.

In today's digital age, an IT procurement specialist plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness of a company's procurement strategy. They make it possible to make better decisions that effect bottom lines. 

IT specialists focus specifically on acquiring computer hardware, software systems, networking equipment, and other technological assets needed to support an organization's information technology infrastructure. These experts work closely with various departments within an organization to understand their specific IT needs while also considering budget constraints. Some procurement officer duties and responsibilities include:

   -  Researching new technologies that could potentially improve operational efficiency or security measures
   -  Evaluating potential suppliers based on technical competence and price competitiveness
   -  Drafting detailed specifications for goods or services required by different departments within an organization 
   -  Negotiating contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) with chosen supplier

Effective procurement strategies encompass a wide range of considerations that span from financial optimization to environmental sustainability. Procurement officers play a pivotal role in ensuring that these strategies are implemented efficiently, and IT procurement specialists bring a unique set of skills that focus on the acquisition of essential technology assets. Through the combined efforts of these professionals, organizations can ensure that they utilize their resources optimally while also maintaining a competitive edge in today's ever-evolving business landscape. Today, tapping into IT procurement services is a critical component to the day-to-day job.








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