Buy with confidence.

And get the most out of the technology you buy.


Mature and sophisticated procurement practices applied to IT Services and Solutions can drive significant value to the business.


Leveraging an external party that specializes in the buying of IT Services & Solutions is an effective and efficient way to source the technologies that power your business.


Whether it is your communications tech stack, connectivity to a geographically disperse workforce, a cloud migration, or a cybersecurity initiative, optimizing your vendor ecosystem will return value back to the business.

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Subject matter experts in the sourcing of technology, Resourcive provides it's clients with the confidence that they are buying in a way that aligns with their business goals and delivers value to company.



Whether it is spend reduction, technology transformation, growth enablement or another high priority of the business, Resourcive is a trusted partner in the mid-market and enterprise to deliver on value creation initiatives via Strategic IT Sourcing.



Resourcive partners with the leading Private Equity firms to help drive value creation during the hold cycle. As the exclusive Strategic IT Sourcing partner for many of the top PE firms, Resourcive understands and meets the demands of both the PE sponsors and the portfolio company leadership teams.



Resourcive is ranked by Special Operations veterans and IT veterans that provide a level of professionalism and commitment to our clients that consistently yields high ROI and excellent customer experience.


Our technical expertise covers a wide range of technologies. Leverage Resourcive when you have any of the following workstreams on your roadmap.



Whether you're looking for colocation, private/public colud, disaster recovery, backup, laaS, VDI or desktop as a service, Resourcive can help.



Improve network performance and reduce spending with Resourcive's market leading network consulting services.



Transition to cloud-based voice solutions that empower collaboration, analytics, performance and satisfaction.



Meet your customers where they are, when they're there, and the way they prefer with CCaaS technology.



Understand your current security posture, build business cases for investment into cyber, and leverage top-tier SOCs with industry leading MDR services.



Optimize your mobility spend, offload management of devices, leverage high-bandwidth 5G and 4G LTE connectivity to run your business.


See what sets us apart from the rest


Our decade-plus Private Equity experience gives us the ability to move at the speed of PE and deliver results. Every single time.


Get more out of your sourcing projects than ever before. No one does strategic IT sourcing like Resourcive, so we've trademarked it and have patents pending.


Ranked with former Special Operations Forces US Military veterans, alongside seasoned IT Operators, Resourcive excels in complex and chaotic environments providing strategic and tactical support to your team.


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Resourcive has delivered for me. They’ve delivered for me in terms of cost savings, in terms of efficiency gains, consolidation of telephony providers to make our world easier to manage, all the while being in lock step with the market.


I know when I talk to Resourcive that I am receiving up to the moment information – and that's very meaningful. And with the relationships and the experience that Resourcive resources have in the marketplace, it comes to bear each and every time. It has been a fantastic relationship for our businesses.


Dom DiMascia - CIO of Unified Door & Hardware Group



The Resourcive team delivered beyond expectation for [client]. They helped to consolidate and replace outdated technology with an aggressive eye toward schedules. In addition to their tenacious management of external vendors, they were able to offer alternatives to legacy tools. Timing was impeccable as the implementation engaged with the onset of the COVID lockdowns. [Client] was prepared for the remote workforce and transitioned smoothly.


Vice President of IT - $400m Manufacturing Company



The relationship with Resourcive has been very productive and positive thus far. They have helped us identify several areas in our telecom procurement process that will allows us to streamline and organize the process. They have also organized our telecom spend in a simple to read and manageable format and are helping to reduce our overall spend on new and existing locations. Lastly, they have also introduced us to a new solution to improve and support our SD-WAN and firewall solution.


Vice President of IT - $500m Healthcare company



Managing our RFP process and finding the right CCaaS vendor was so easy with Resourcive. They listened to our needs, were very thorough, worked quickly and found us the perfect vendor at a great rate. The entire team was amazing to work with and was instrumental in enhancing more efficient collaboration and communication between our IT and Operations teams; I will definitely be working with them again in the future!


Senior Vice President, Operations - HealthTech company



Resourcive came to us by way of our sister company. We entered into conversations, frankly, with only modest expectations. After describing our voice and data infrastructure and sharing some estimated cost data, we heard they could help us with both costs and network modernization. It was apparent from the start they were highly organized, and possessed considerable expertise both technically and strategically. Six months later we’re now realizing the benefits of their efforts…, and they are significant. Great partner and very effective people to work with. Strongly recommended.


Vice President of Business Information Systems - $500m Manufacturing Company



Don't take our word for it. Listen, read, or watch our customers speak to the power of our work.



As the digital landscape has grown and expanded in recent years, IT procurement consulting has become a crucial service for organizations looking to optimize their technology investments and drive innovation. Resourcive, one of the leading providers of IT procurement consulting services, has the expertise to help your organization navigate the complexities of sourcing and procuring technology solutions.

At Resourcive, our team of skilled sourcing and procurement consultants works closely with each of our clients to develop customized strategies that address their specific business challenges and maximize overall return on investment. This comprehensive approach to consultancy procurement not only ensures that you secure the best possible products and services at the most competitive price, but also that your overall IT strategy is aligned with your organization's long-term goals and strategies. 

Through our extensive experience as a trusted partner in this critical area of strategic management, we have worked to develop a deep understanding of best practices for managing technology spend across our diverse client base. From hardware and software selection to contract negotiation and vendor management, our professional and dedicated team is well-equipped to guide every aspect of the IT procurement process. 


The Impact of IT Procurement 

There's no denying the immense impact that effective IT procurement can have on an organization's bottom line. The right sourcing and procurement consultant augment your internal team's capabilities and enable resource constrained teams to get more done. Well run technology sourcing projects can fuel growth and innovation while simultaneously optimizing spend. That’s why it can be incredibly beneficial to engage with an experienced procurement consultancy firm — one that understands your industry-specific challenges and delivers tailored solutions based on proven methodologies backed by years of success in driving measurable results for clients just like you. 

Don't leave anything up to chance – partner with us today for unrivaled expertise in IT procurement consulting services designed specifically for your unique business needs. Together, we'll build a brighter future powered by cutting-edge technology solutions that deliver real value and drive long-term success.

What is an IT Procurement Consultant?

What is a procurement consultant? A procurement consultant (also known as a purchasing consultant or procurement specialist) is an expert who specializes in optimizing and enhancing a company's purchasing process to drive efficiency and overall value. 

Procurement Consultant Meaning

The definition of procurement consultant goes beyond simply making purchases, however. It also encompasses concepts such as:

1) Understanding the intricacies of supply chain management
2) Negotiating with suppliers
3) Implementing best practices for strategic sourcing 

Procurement consultants are often employed by specialized procurement consultant companies that provide businesses with tailored solutions that address their unique needs. 


Benefits of a Procurement Consultant

The benefits of hiring a procurement consultant are numerous and encompass various aspects of the purchasing process. By leveraging their industry expertise and market knowledge, these professionals can identify opportunities for cost reduction and risk mitigation in supplier relationships. 

Procurement consultants can help streamline internal processes and develop robust systems to ensure ongoing compliance with relevant regulations while striking the perfect balance between quality and cost. These experts act as valuable partners throughout contract negotiations, guaranteeing favorable terms for your business. 

Businesses considering partnering with a procurement consultant company should carefully evaluate their potential providers based on experience, reputation, and demonstrated results to ensure the most significant possible return on investment (ROI). By engaging the services of a top-performing consultancy firm that excels in delivering tailor-made solutions specific to your unique requirements, you stand to gain:

1) Improved operational efficiency
2) Reduced expenses related to acquisition activities (such as storage costs)
3) Better quality products or services sourced at competitive prices that align with your budgetary constraints

All these benefits result in an enhanced bottom line for your organization.

Understanding the role of a procurement consultant is essential for any company aiming to maximize its resources while minimizing risks associated with supply chain management. From offering cutting-edge insights into current market trends to helping businesses navigate complex regulatory landscapes, procurement consultants are invaluable partners that every growth-oriented enterprise should consider integrating into their operations strategy.



Procurement Consultant Responsibilities


In order to stay ahead of the competition, organizations must constantly be seeking ways to improve their operations and reduce costs. One crucial aspect of achieving these key objectives is through effective procurement management. This is where the critical role of a procurement consultant comes into play! Working as one of these professionals comes with a wide array of procurement consultant responsibilities, all of which are aimed at helping businesses streamline their purchasing processes. 

Among the various procurement consulting services available in the market, one that has recently gained significant traction is IT procurement specialty. This particular field focuses on assisting organizations in strategically procuring IT products and other services, ensuring they get value for money while staying up to date with the latest technological advancements. 

Equipped with a wealth of experience and expertise, procurement consultants work closely with clients to provide tailored recommendations and practical solutions for managing their supply chain more efficiently. Their core responsibilities generally include:

1) Conducting thorough market research
2) Analyzing current spending patterns
3) Identifying areas for improvement
4) Developing strategic sourcing plans that align with the organization's overall business goals



Apart from offering comprehensive consultancy services, procurement consultants also play an instrumental role in fostering long-lasting relationships between businesses and suppliers. Consultants conduct supplier evaluations to determine which vendors are best suited to meet an organization’s needs and work to negotiate favorable pricing terms on behalf of clients. Collaborating closely with stakeholders across functions (such as finance and IT management teams) helps ensure the seamless integration of new processes while mitigating common risks associated with supplier-related issues. 

Partnering up with a reputable procurement consultancy can significantly maximize returns on investments made in procuring goods and services. This is accomplished by streamlining operations through robust strategies that can produce tangible results. From providing expert advisory support to negotiating favorable prices and conducting in-depth supplier assessments, these procurement professionals are well-versed in handling the complete spectrum of their responsibilities.




Consultant Procurement Process


The consultant procurement process can be an important and valuable aspect of every organization, as it helps businesses navigate their way through a complex and competitive market. With the ever-evolving landscape of procurement, having access to examples of consultancy services in procurement can provide invaluable insights tailored to specific organizational needs. 

Some of the typical procurement methods for consultancy services include:

1) Competitive tendering
2) Direct negotiation with potential consultants
3) Utilizing e-procurement platforms that ensure transparency and efficiency 



Independent procurement consultants offer a wealth of knowledge to help businesses streamline their operations and maximize profits. These experts bring a fresh perspective to the table by identifying areas for improvement while at the same time mitigating risks associated with procurement activities.

Besides these core offerings, independent procurement consultants can also guide strategic sourcing initiatives that help organizations identify opportunities for long-term growth. They can also assist in developing sustainable purchasing strategies that take into consideration environmental and social factors when selecting suppliers. This holistic approach not only enhances overall business performance but also contributes to corporate social responsibility goals. 

Working with knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed in various aspects of the consultant procurement process can significantly impact organizational outcomes. So why wait any longer? Explore how a carefully designed consultant procurement process can unlock your organization's full potential. Start leveraging world-class expertise across multiple facets of supply chain management and discover newfound growth opportunities that drive sustained success both now and well into the future!


Consultant Procurement Process


Are you someone who is wondering how to become a procurement consultant? Look no further! Let’s dive into some of the essential procurement consultant skills that will make you stand out from the competition. 

Procurement consultants aid in improving businesses’ bottom lines by enhancing their supply chain management strategies. They help to fill a valuable role within the world of business and supplier relations. Thus, a successful procurement consultant resume must showcase a unique blend of expertise in the following skills:

1) Negotiation
2) Cost reduction
3) Supplier relationship management
4) Risk assessment



Knowing how to develop exceptional procurement strategies is paramount, however interpersonal skills (such as collaboration and communication) are equally vital within this competitive field. To become a sought-after procurement professional, one should strive to become well-versed in current industry trends and develop an aptitude for strategic planning. Aspiring consultants should refine their analytical proficiencies while also perfecting their ability to read between the lines. 

Project management is another indispensable skill for any procurement consultant resume, as it demonstrates your capacity to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously while keeping stakeholders' expectations in check. Familiarity with relevant software tools and technology can further set you apart from other applicants vying for positions at top procurement consulting firms. Everyone knows that these positions can be extremely competitive, so it’s important when applying for them that you develop your skills as much as you truly can!

Mastering these key procurement consultant skills will not only earn you recognition within your industry but also translate into tangible results for each of your clients, helping to lower costs and secure optimal supplier partnerships. 




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