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Mature and sophisticated procurement practices applied to IT Services and Solutions can drive significant value to the business.


Leveraging an external party that specializes in the buying of IT Services & Solutions is an effective and efficient way to source the technologies that power your business.


Whether it is your communications tech stack, connectivity to a geographically disperse workforce, a cloud migration, or a cybersecurity initiative, optimizing your vendor ecosystem will return value back to the business.

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Subject matter experts in the sourcing of technology, Resourcive provides it's clients with the confidence that they are buying in a way that aligns with their business goals and delivers value to company.



Whether it is spend reduction, technology transformation, growth enablement or another high priority of the business, Resourcive is a trusted partner in the mid-market and enterprise to deliver on value creation initiatives via Strategic IT Sourcing.



Resourcive partners with the leading Private Equity firms to help drive value creation during the hold cycle. As the exclusive Strategic IT Sourcing partner for many of the top PE firms, Resourcive understands and meets the demands of both the PE sponsors and the portfolio company leadership teams.



Resourcive is ranked by Special Operations veterans and IT veterans that provide a level of professionalism and commitment to our clients that consistently yields high ROI and excellent customer experience.


Our technical expertise covers a wide range of technologies. Leverage Resourcive when you have any of the following workstreams on your roadmap.



Whether you're looking for colocation, private/public colud, disaster recovery, backup, laaS, VDI or desktop as a service, Resourcive can help.



Improve network performance and reduce spending with Resourcive's market leading network consulting services.



Transition to cloud-based voice solutions that empower collaboration, analytics, performance and satisfaction.



Meet your customers where they are, when they're there, and the way they prefer with CCaaS technology.



Understand your current security posture, build business cases for investment into cyber, and leverage top-tier SOCs with industry leading MDR services.



Optimize your mobility spend, offload management of devices, leverage high-bandwidth 5G and 4G LTE connectivity to run your business.


See what sets us apart from the rest


Our decade-plus Private Equity experience gives us the ability to move at the speed of PE and deliver results. Every single time.


Get more out of your sourcing projects than ever before. No one does strategic IT sourcing like Resourcive, so we've trademarked it and have patents pending.


Ranked with former Special Operations Forces US Military veterans, alongside seasoned IT Operators, Resourcive excels in complex and chaotic environments providing strategic and tactical support to your team.


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Resourcive has delivered for me. They’ve delivered for me in terms of cost savings, in terms of efficiency gains, consolidation of telephony providers to make our world easier to manage, all the while being in lock step with the market.


I know when I talk to Resourcive that I am receiving up to the moment information – and that's very meaningful. And with the relationships and the experience that Resourcive resources have in the marketplace, it comes to bear each and every time. It has been a fantastic relationship for our businesses.


Dom DiMascia - CIO of Unified Door & Hardware Group



The Resourcive team delivered beyond expectation for [client]. They helped to consolidate and replace outdated technology with an aggressive eye toward schedules. In addition to their tenacious management of external vendors, they were able to offer alternatives to legacy tools. Timing was impeccable as the implementation engaged with the onset of the COVID lockdowns. [Client] was prepared for the remote workforce and transitioned smoothly.


Vice President of IT - $400m Manufacturing Company



The relationship with Resourcive has been very productive and positive thus far. They have helped us identify several areas in our telecom procurement process that will allows us to streamline and organize the process. They have also organized our telecom spend in a simple to read and manageable format and are helping to reduce our overall spend on new and existing locations. Lastly, they have also introduced us to a new solution to improve and support our SD-WAN and firewall solution.


Vice President of IT - $500m Healthcare company



Managing our RFP process and finding the right CCaaS vendor was so easy with Resourcive. They listened to our needs, were very thorough, worked quickly and found us the perfect vendor at a great rate. The entire team was amazing to work with and was instrumental in enhancing more efficient collaboration and communication between our IT and Operations teams; I will definitely be working with them again in the future!


Senior Vice President, Operations - HealthTech company



Resourcive came to us by way of our sister company. We entered into conversations, frankly, with only modest expectations. After describing our voice and data infrastructure and sharing some estimated cost data, we heard they could help us with both costs and network modernization. It was apparent from the start they were highly organized, and possessed considerable expertise both technically and strategically. Six months later we’re now realizing the benefits of their efforts…, and they are significant. Great partner and very effective people to work with. Strongly recommended.


Vice President of Business Information Systems - $500m Manufacturing Company



Don't take our word for it. Listen, read, or watch our customers speak to the power of our work.


In an age dominated by technology, having the right IT tools and services is more critical than ever. It is for this reason that more and more businesses are partnering with IT procurement services. The IT procurement meaning refers to the process by which organizations acquire IT products and services. 

To get the most out of these services, businesses should adhere to the following best practices in IT procurement: 

   - Cost Efficiency: One of the primary goals of any procurement process is to obtain the best value for money. Proper evaluation, contract negotiations, and vendor assessments can lead to significant cost savings.

   - Risk Mitigation: IT solutions come with a unique set of risks. Proper IT procurement processes ensure a rigorous evaluation of these risks and their management strategies.

   - Future Scalability: When following best practices in IT procurement, companies consider the scalability of solutions. This ensures that any chosen solutions can adapt and grow in line with the company's needs, thereby avoiding costly replacements or upgrades in the future.

   - Improved Vendor Relationships: A structured procurement process promotes transparency and fairness. This fosters trust between the organization and its vendors. Over time, this trust can lead to better contractual terms and quicker problem resolution. 

   - Integration with Existing Systems: One of the challenges with IT is ensuring that new solutions integrate well with existing systems. IT procurement best practices prioritize integration so that procured solutions are not just standalone, but can seamlessly fit into the organization's broader IT ecosystem.

   - Regulatory Compliance: IT solutions need to comply with relevant regulatory requirements. Quality procurement processes help make sure that the procured solutions meet these regulations. 


IT procurement is truly a strategic function that has profound implications on an organization's bottom line, operational efficiency, risk profile, and future growth potential. By emphasizing the strategic significance of IT procurement and embedding best practices into the process, organizations position themselves for success in a digitally-driven business landscape.

IT Procurement Process

The IT procurement process involves a structured set of activities that organizations undertake to acquire information technology solutions. With the digital era ushering in rapid technological advances, understanding and optimizing these activities is crucial for organizational success. The procurement process in the IT industry can be broken down into the following steps:

   - Requirement Analysis: First, it’s important to understand and document your specific IT needs. This often requires collaboration between IT and business units to define technical requirements, desired outcomes, and budgetary constraints.

   - Market Research: Research potential vendors and solutions that fit your requirements. Understanding the market landscape can provide insights into innovative solutions and prevent the overlooking of potential alternatives.

   - Vendor Solicitation: Send out request for proposals (RFPs) or request for quotations (RFQs) to potential vendors. This helps gather detailed information about vendors' offerings, and other relevant terms.

    - Vendor Analysis Process*: The vendor analysis process entails a thorough examination of all vendors' responses. Factors like cost, technical capabilities, vendor history, customer reviews, and post-purchase support are analyzed to select the vendor most aligned with the objectives at hand. 

   - Negotiation and Contracting: Once a vendor is selected, negotiations commence. The aim here is to achieve favorable terms, including pricing and service level agreements (SLAs). Following successful negotiations, a contract is formalized.

   - Purchase and Delivery: With the contract in place, you can proceed to purchase. The vendor then delivers the IT solution or commences the agreed-upon service.

   - Implementation and Integration: Set up the solution within your existing infrastructure. This might require customization, testing, and integration with other systems.


Review and Feedback: After implementation, be sure to review the effectiveness of the solution and the procurement process itself. Feedback loops help in refining future procurement efforts.

Organizations can enhance and optimize IT procurement by:

   * Providing regular training
   * Using automated procurement systems
   * Strengthening vendor relationships
   * Adopting a flexible approach
   * Implementing an effective feedback mechanism
   * Developing a centralized procurement strategy
   * Prioritizing risk management


IT Procurement Strategy

An effective IT procurement strategy is the cornerstone for any organization aiming to streamline its operations and achieve greater cost-effectiveness. Here are some tips for building a solid strategy: 

   - Understand Organizational Goals: Before diving into the specifics of IT procurement, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your long-term goals and how IT can support these objectives.

   - Focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Don’t just look at the initial cost of procurement. Consider the entire lifecycle costs, including maintenance, support, training, and eventual decommissioning.

   - Embrace Vendor Management Best Practices: Vendor management requires cultivating long-term relationships with vendors. Regular performance reviews and feedback mechanisms can improve these relationships.

   - Diversify with Multi-Vendor Strategies*: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. By diversifying vendors, you can mitigate risks and leverage competitive pricing. 

   - Prioritize Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity should be a top of mind when crafting your procurement strategy. Check to see that solutions adhere to industry-standard security protocols. Engage in regular audits and insist on transparency from vendors regarding their security practices.

   - Adopt a Dynamic Approach to* *IT Sourcing: IT sourcing is not a one-time activity. Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, it's essential to regularly revisit sourcing decisions. Be open to exploring new vendors or sourcing methods that might offer better value. 

   - Innovative* *Vendor Selection Strategy: While traditional metrics are vital, consider more innovative aspects in your vendor selection strategy. For example, you may want to evaluate vendors on their environmental sustainability practices or commitment to social causes. This holistic approach can boost brand value and resonate with socially-conscious stakeholders.

   - Embrace Agile Procurement: Borrowing from the principles of agile software development, agile procurement emphasizes flexibility, iterative decision-making, and close collaboration between IT and business units. This approach can lead to quicker decisions and better alignment with changing organizational needs.


IT Procurement Services

IT procurement services play a valuable role in how organizations source, negotiate, and manage their IT assets. These services have become indispensable in today’s complex and rapidly evolving technological landscape. Understanding the variety and depth of these services is important for any business looking to improve its IT strategy. 

One of the primary services that organizations turn to is IT services and consulting. Consultants assess an organization's existing IT infrastructure, identify gaps or inefficiencies, and recommend solutions that can address those gaps. By leveraging their market knowledge and industry insights, these consultants can introduce businesses to the latest technologies and innovations. 

Another critical service is IT procurement support, which encompasses a suite of services aimed at simplifying and enhancing the IT procurement process. From assisting organizations in drafting RFPs to managing vendor relationships, these support services ensure that businesses navigate the procurement journey with ease and expertise.

Vendor management, a subset of IT procurement support, focuses specifically on cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships with IT solution providers. Building trust with vendors can lead to more favorable terms in the future, better post-purchase support, and insights into upcoming technological advancements.

Aside from these, IT procurement services may include services such as IT asset management and lifecycle management. These services track and manage the IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. They help organizations make the most of their IT investments and, in doing so, optimize costs. 

Cybersecurity advisory as part of IT procurement services is also gaining prominence. They’re often brought in to evaluate the security credentials of potential solutions, conduct regular audits, and help the organization's IT infrastructure remain resilient against threats.


IT Procurement Consulting

The value of IT procurement consulting cannot be overemphasized. Trained consultants offer a wealth of expertise that can streamline the IT procurement journey. One of the primary benefits of working with an IT procurement consultant is their deep market knowledge. These professionals are attuned to the latest technological advancements, emerging vendors, and the shifting dynamics of the IT industry. 

For organizations, this means access to the most modern, cost-effective solutions. Such expertise becomes particularly valuable when businesses face niche challenges or require specialized solutions, as consultants often have a broader view of the market than internal teams.

Another benefit is the objectivity that IT consulting services bring to the table. Internal teams, while highly knowledgeable, sometimes have biases based on past experiences or affiliations. Consultants, however, provide a fresh, unbiased perspective. They help make decisions based on the best fit for the organization's unique requirements.

Because IT procurement management is a holistic process, it requires a comprehensive approach, and that takes a great deal of open communication. Consultants help keep all parties on the same page and align expectations. They minimize misunderstandings, foster trust, and pave the way for smooth negotiations and collaborations.

Good vendors can also help with conducting due diligence. Before entering into any contractual agreement, organizations should meticulously evaluate a vendor's track record and the compatibility of their solutions with the organization's infrastructure. This thorough vetting ensures that the chosen vendor is both technically capable and reliable. 

Finally, post-purchase, the best practice is to establish regular review and feedback mechanisms. Regular check-ins with vendors help in tracking performance against SLAs, addressing any challenges promptly, and ensuring that the procured solution continues to meet the organization's needs. Feedback, both positive and constructive, can help vendors refine their offerings.

Resourcive has perfected value creation by aligning operational goals across the board. With features like spend reduction, M&A, and growth enablement, Resourcive puts companies on track to getting the most out of their procured services. 








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