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Audit & Analysis/Baseline Inventory

  • Get Visibility: Every client engagement begins with Resourcive’s proprietary Strategic Baseline Inventory and Analysis. 
  • Immediate Impact Review: We complete a thorough review of your current spend in every location, while developing an understanding of your future needs. 
  • Quick Turnaround: A typical Inventory takes just a few weeks to complete, and there is never any direct or indirect cost to our clients. 
  • Low-touch: Most importantly the time commitment is minimal.

Solution Design

  • Integrate With Your Team: After project Kick-Off, weekly cadence is setup with primary points of contacts, with milestone meetings for key stakeholders.
  • Understanding Your Vision: A go-forward solution design is grounded in understanding the overarching vision and mission of client. We strive to be in 100% alignment with your goals.
  • Bring Subject Matter Expertise: Resourcive leverages it's deal flow, market knowledge, and subject matter expertise to map new solutions and/or vendors that will help client achieve their desired business outcomes.

Market Assessment

  • Market Analysis: With a clear understanding of your current and future needs, Resourcive analyzes all available carriers to identify those whose services are best aligned with your strategic requirements. 
  • RFP Creation: We create a detailed bid package that is submitted to the most relevant vendors, and prepare an executive summary outlining your options. 
  • 100% Vendor Neutral: Resourcive leverages long-term relationships with over 300 global vendors, so our recommendations are always 100% vendor-agnostic and in line with your goals.

Vendor Selection

  • Project Management: Resourcive coordinates meetings and continues negotiations with vendors (including the incumbent) who will deliver the most appropriate and effective solutions for your ongoing growth and competitive business needs. 
  • Pricing: Our goal is to ensure that we provide you with the optimum solution at the best price.
  • Contract Negotiation: Resourcive negotiates on your behalf to gain preferred contact terms, SLA commitments, and delivery support.

Service Delivery & Implementation Support

  • Assigned Resources: Each project is assigned an Implementation Manager to assist, manage, and support a successful service delivery.
  • Vendor Accountability: Resourcive ensures vendors fulfill their commitment and contract agreement terms.
  • Issue Escalation: Resourcive's high-level relationships can be leveraged to escalate service delivery issues.

Life Cycle Management & Support

  • Account Management: Once the installation is complete, your account is turned over to a Resourcive Account Executive and a QBR cadence is established.
  • 30/60/90 Bill Review: Resourcive will ensure your first three month’s bills are accurate and vendor service and support are meeting expectations.
  • Account Maintenance: Help Desk Support, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), and Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnect Services (MACDs). 
  • Partners for the long-term: We offer a full suite of services to ensure that you get the best solutions at the best price, even as your needs evolve.

I would absolutely recommend Resourcive and have recommended Resourcive to a number of my friends.
- CEO of a Regional Commercial Bank

Resourcive’s communication was constant proactive transparent.
-  CIO of a Wholesale Landscape Supply Company

What they bring to the table, that I couldn’t do, is their existing relationships with all the potential vendors out there.
- SVP of a Motorcycle Apparel and Accessory Company

Resourcive brought that industry expertise that someone internally just didn’t have.
- CIO of a Wholesale Landscape Supply Company

I would absolutely recommend Resourcive and have recommended Resourcive to a number of my friends.
- CEO of a Regional Commercial Bank