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“Increasing enterprise value through technology and telecommunications optimization.” 

Our approach at Resourcive is to cut costs, not corners.  By amending current spending and identifying additional saving opportunities with vigilant management, we can enhance your company’s earnings.  Our carefully devised and proven process includes: Audit & Analysis, Research & Bidding, Collaboration Day, Delivery & Installation Support, and Life Cycle Management & Support.


Audit & Analysis/Baseline Inventory

Every client engagement begins with Resourcive’s proprietary Strategic Baseline Inventory and Analysis.  We complete a thorough review of your current spend in every location, while developing an understanding of your future needs.  A typical Inventory takes just a few weeks to complete, and there is never any direct or indirect cost to our clients.  Most importantly the time commitment is minimal.


Research & Bidding

With a clear understanding of your current and future telecom needs, Resourcive analyzes all available carriers to identify those whose services are best aligned with your strategic requirements.  We create a detailed bid package that is submitted to the most relevant vendors, and prepare an executive summary outlining your options.  Resourcive enjoys long-term relationships with over 300 global vendors, so our recommendations are always 100% vendor-agnostic and in line with your goals.


Collaboration Day

Resourcive coordinates meetings and continues negotiations with vendors (including the incumbent) who will deliver the most appropriate and effective solutions for your ongoing growth and competitive business needs.  Our goal is to ensure that we provide you with the optimum solution at a reduced cost.


Delivery & Installation Support

Resourcive’s implementation team will assist, manage, and support the installation of the solution you choose.


Life Cycle Management & Support

Once the installation is complete, your account is turned over to a Resourcive Account Manager.  They will ensure your first month’s bill is accurate and will continue ongoing support; assisting you with maintenance, Help Desk Support, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), and Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnect Services (MACDs).  We offer a full suite of services to ensure that you get the best telecom solution at the best price, even as your needs evolve.


I would absolutely recommend Resourcive and have recommended Resourcive to a number of my friends.
- CEO of a Regional Commercial Bank

Resourcive’s communication was constant proactive transparent.
-  CIO of a Wholesale Landscape Supply Company

What they bring to the table, that I couldn’t do, is their existing relationships with all the potential vendors out there.
- SVP of a Motorcycle Apparel and Accessory Company

Resourcive brought that industry expertise that someone internally just didn’t have.
- CIO of a Wholesale Landscape Supply Company

I would absolutely recommend Resourcive and have recommended Resourcive to a number of my friends.
- CEO of a Regional Commercial Bank