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Resourcive has had the privilege of working with internationally recognized clients from diverse industries including luxury retail, financial services, education, and professional services.  Our expertise continues to improve the productivity of a variety of vertical markets, but one thing all our clients have in common is the millions of dollars Resourcive has saved them in telecom expenses over the years.

Luxury Retailer:
48% reduction in spend

Consolidating carriers has never looked so good - A high fashion retailer was undergoing significant global expansion, opening 40 new stores.  With a decentralized approach to telecom infrastructure, expansion meant the retailer had to deal with 28 providers, and 40 invoices.  Resourcive audited the retailer’s national inventory including services, phone system, and fees.  We consolidated all the retailer’s services to 3 providers and 2 invoices, improving their buying power, simplifying their billing, and creating $70k/month in working capital in the process.  These changes positioned them for growth by reducing install time and complexity at each new location, which was their main concern.

Healthcare Provider:
$109K/month reduction in spend

Intense savings for an urgent health care provider - A nationwide urgent care provider needed assistance bringing its telecommunication expenses under control.  They were growing rapidly, but with 162 bills and 38 vendors, they were not prepared for efficient growth.  Resourcive provided a comprehensive audit and was able to offer a solution which reduced the number of bills to 5, and vendors to 3, while further reducing their expense by 49%.  These changes streamlined their voice and data network services, allowing for rapid growth, and a lower cost of deployment.

Law Firm:
25% reduction in spend

Enhanced communication technology - One of the leading law firms in the United States looked to Resourcive to transform their current network into one able to meet their current and future needs.  We conducted a detailed communications audit of all services and features at each of their locations, outlining their true costs and services.  We bid and implemented a new, scalable network that provided the back up and redundancy the client wanted.  Today, Resourcive continues to be an integrated part of their team, providing updated audits, project management, and new bids in communications planning and deployment.  They have saved over $3 million during our 10-year relationship.

Shipping Company:
60% reduction in spend

Eliminated overbilling and optimized the network, improving performance, and reducing expense - A global shipping company had been neglected by their current provider leaving the client in need of an extensive review of all charges on the network, as well as its inventory of lines.  Using Resourcive’s proven multi-location auditing process, we identified over 10 locations with gross errors and billing for many locations not even in existence.  The audit was the foundation for us to optimize the design and rebid the network, decreasing the telecom expenses by $108k/month.  All of this was accomplished with minimal time commitment of the client and its staff.

Media Company:
100+ location product launch

Implementing a co-located multi-location network - Our client was in the process of designing and planning an aggressive rollout requiring a launch to over 20 sites per month.  In addition to the rapid deployment, the site profile was quite strict.  Resourcive found a carrier on its extensive list able to meet all the client’s needs.  We also created one point of contact for the research, pricing, and management of the project, enabling the media company to focus on its core business.  The success of this program was overwhelming.  The efficient site rollout resulted in the client successfully launching its media tracking business.  They then went on to expand internationally with Resourcive continuing to play an integral part.

Staffing Firm:
$240K/month reduction in spend

Building a flexible solution across 1000+ locations - A national staffing firm brought Resourcive in to design a unified voice and data network, while meeting cost reduction goals.  We conducted our Strategic Audit which resulted in a 20% reduction in telecom costs.  We then designed the future network based on business needs for the next 5 years, managing the vendor selection process, and overseeing the installation.  Thanks to our design optimization using improved voice and data technology, 20% savings were achieved in under 6 months.

Food Service:
35% reduction in spend

Serving up simplified billing and a 35% reduction in monthly spend - A nationwide food chain was utilizing a decentralized network with no master contracts and over 3000 monthly bills across 600+ locations.  When they tried to introduce a new Point of Sale system across their restaurants, it became clear that they did not have enough bandwidth capacity for successful implementation.  By helping them centralize their system, Resourcive was able to reduce the number of monthly bills to 12, and triple their bandwidth, all for 35% less per month.

$57K/month reduction in spend

Network redesign to drive 34% monthly savings and an 82% reduction in carriers from 17 to 3 - A nationwide tech provider to the auto industry was expanding and needed to upgrade to a highly secure redundant voice and data wide area network.  After Resourcive conducted our Strategic Telecom Audit, we worked with the company’s IT department to design a network with greater security and redundancy that was more cost effective.  In the end, we saved our client $57,000 per month, and reduced the number of carriers they used from 17 to 3.